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First and foremost let me start by saying that the following remarks are my opinions and are my sincere passionate thoughts rather you agree or disagree. 

Do you consider yourself a gamer and if so what does being a gamer mean to you. How do you define what a gamer is?

There are 2 types of gamers:

1.) “Casual Gamers”- these types of gamers aren’t relatively passionate about video games and if they are it’s only one game or franchise in particular, it’s more about the “fun factor” for this bunch. This type of gamer usually tends to gravitate towards one type of game rather its a FPS, RPG, RACING, etc; usually in a social setting. A casual gamer is someone who can pick up a controller or a mouse and play a game for 15-20 mins and move on to doing something else without ever finishing the game or feeling a strong need to. Causal gamers are people who enjoy gaming and gaming culture in general but will not invest a ton of their time or money into any particular gaming platform or franchise.  

2.) “Core Gamers” - these types of gamers are extremely passionate about gaming and gaming culture. While Core gamers may have a favorite type of game (such as me for example, I love RPGS.) They also play and have an appreciation for a wide range of game types. Core gamers put hours and hours of their time into the games they play; not only playing the games but creating mods, fan art, music, cosplay, FaceBook pages :) and the list goes on. Core gamers are familiar with whats going on in the gaming community, they are people who watch or attend events like E3, PAX, Comicon just to name a few. A core gamer can tell you who who the president of their favorite gaming studio is or name the executive producer of a franchise etc.Core gamers generally tend to be what society would call Nerds/Geeks, (yes stereo types still exist and I’m not condoning it), however I wear my Nerd/Geek/Gamer pride with honor! Gaming culture to core gamers is about a sense of community of like minded people who are as passionate about gaming as they are, it’s about the clothes the merch , the midnight releases, the staying up tip 6am in the morning because your so consumed by a game, the calling off work because a big title just got released, the leveling up a character, the exploration, the stories and the adventures and being able to share that with those who can relate. Core gamers drop big bucks on hardware, games, and DLC.Core gamers fall in love with the games they play as well as the characters and worlds within those games.

I’m obviously a “Core Gamer” if you can’t tell by now. I like to use the term “CORE” instead of “Hardcore” because I think when people hear hardcore they think of people who are eccentric and fanatical. While some of us may be those things I don’t believe the vast majority of us are. Core gamers are some of the most passionate, creative, caring and fun people I have ever known. Sometimes we can be a bit “rash” or rude and like all groups we have those individuals who are just out right ignorant but we are a colorful crowd I would say. 

When did it become the “fad” or a cool thing to be a Nerd and or Gamer? This question brings me to

“Non Gamers”.

Much like the those folks that pose as/call themselves Nerds/Geeks, there seems to be an influx of people who are proclaiming to be “Gamers” just because they think its the cool thing to be; and they’ed be right of course because gamer are AWESOME!

As a “Core Gamer” this upsets me because I’ve been a NERD/GAMER all my life not just when it’s the trend or popular thing to be. I’m not saying that all gamers are nerds or geeks but I think a lot of people would consider us to be, it doesn’t mean its right but it’s how our society operates. I believe a lot of “core gamers” consider themselves to be “nerds” anyway. I don’t know about you guys but I’ve earned my right to proclaim my Nerd/Gamer pride, I was the person that was into comics, gaming, cartoons, collectables, etc and labeled as strange or weird because of my interest not being popular or “Main-Stream). Now all the sudden someone who puts on a pair of glasses and thinks Han Solo is from Star Trek is a Nerd and the person that  plays Halo once or only plays Farmville is a Gamer……WTF? When did people who only play FaceBook games or only “point and click” games and nothing else become gamers? That’s BULL****! I recognize that there are different levels of nerd/geeks and gamers but someone who confuses Star Wars with Star Trek is not a nerd no more than someone who only plays “Candy Crush Saga” and doesn’t own a gaming PC, console, or handheld device is a gamer.

Side note: There seems to be a misconception that if your a real Nerd or Gamer then you have to be socially awkward and can’t be attractive? Huh? Thats the just about the dumbest load of crap I have ever heard. Now if your one of those hot chicks in photos half naked holding video game hardware and don’t know a thumb stick from a D-pad then thats a different issue all together.

I live, breath, eat, sweat, and bleed the Nerd/Geek/Gamer culture. I have always and will always be a Nerd and a GAMER.

What about you guys, what kind of gamer are you and what does gamer culture mean to you. Comment and let me know.

- C.J.

Why Commander Shepard will be (male) in the Mass Effect movie.

#1) While female gamers are increasing in numbers the target audience for the games and movies will be males. Female gamers are still the minority. The studio has a bottom line like any business and at the end of the day they are going to target the majority of the audience they are marketing to which in this case happens to be male gamers and or males who like scifi action movies.

#2) The cast of characters already has several strong female leads. Liara, Jack, Ashley, Miranda, Tali etc… they are all kick-ass female characters; it just wouldn’t make sense for the studio to cast for a Femshep.

#3)Studios are scared of casting female leads in these types of films, that along with the fact that video game adaptations are notorious for being box office disasters is more than reason enough for them not to consider it from a business stand point.

Sorry ladies, I don’t mean to offend anyone and I personally would love to see a Femshep on the big screen but it’s not going to happen. Maybe when they reboot it 20yrs from now? -C.J.

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